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SIMPLY THE BEST  EBOOK x 1 GRANDE VIAL (110ml) of SIMPLY THE BEST ras-el-hanout رأس الحانوت translates from ARABIC to " The Best in the Shop": a pure blend of 30 morrocan spices from Morocco. The origins of this spice mixture are very old but you can understand its purpose by simply translating ras el hanout. “Ras el Hanout” means “top of the shop” in Arabic, this suggests that the spices used for the blend are the finest spices available in the merchant's shop.  This also means that there is no final recipe for this mix, so Ingrid haunted the blend that was closest to the one used in her morrocan Grand-Mother's Zorha's Kitchen. The most commonly used ingredients are: Cumin seeds, Cardamom pods, Cinnamon sticks, Dried Ginger, Coriander seeds, Nutmeg, Aniseed, Cloves, Turmeric
Interestingly, ras el hanout shows how Morocco’s historical and cultural background has impacted Moroccan cuisine. The majority of the spices used in this blend originally come from Morocco. This partlicular blend has about 30 spices or more used in it. The recipes differ significantly from a family to another. Some blends might include dried rosebuds or fennel seeds and others some more exotic ingredients such as galangal. Ours is more exotic and warmer so it can be used in meat, poultry, fish, legumes and more. 

One of the reason I  love ras el hanout is because it literally goes with everything and gives a delicious and aromatic Moroccan kick to any savory dish. "each time i add Ras El' Hanout in my dishes I am propelled back into my grand-mother's family dinners, this spice has reminescing magical powers for me".

Today you can find ras el hanout blends in many supermarkets  however it will never be like the REAL THING, as  there’s nothing like a fresh spice blend.

The recipes  I am sharing with you on the EBOOK are simple easy to prepare (20-30 minutes prep) recipes I make on a daily basis for my family, and some I often prepare when I entertain guests and want to transport them to Morroco in an instant  - 12 recipes (and healthy tips, gut health information, hormone friendly foods)  from meats, poultry, salads, veggies, and even sweet treats are included in this Ebook. Many of these dishes you have watched me prepare often on INSTA STORIES. Recipes are also combined with some of my favourite additions - so feel free to customize your  own dishes  by adding a few teaspoons of SIMPLY THE BEST and take the WORD DIE OUT OF DIET FOREVER  --  make your taste buds happy! with Love From Monaco,  Ingrid.

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PURE SIMPLY INULIN POWDER- 80 to 100 Servings: Great Source of Soluble Dietary Fiber & Prebiotic Supplement [Vegan Friendly - Gluten Free - Lactose Free] 
Fibre supplements such as Simply INULIN Pure Inulin powder have seen a massive surge in popularity given the statistics that on average, we as a nation are falling well short of the Department of Health recommendation of 30g of fibre per day.Simply  Inulin is PURE JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE ROOT, a nutrient which cannot be digested or absorbed in the body, meaning it is classed as a fibre. It is also one of the best known sources, as it boasts almost 90g of fibre per 100g! Inulin can also be obtained through foods such as asparagus, onions, garlic, artichokes, chicoree root, acacia and sweet potatoes. All consumers who followed Ingrid's consumption tips repost a FLATTER TUMMY FAST & no longer PLATEAU-ing in their weightloss efforts !
This vegan-friendly nutrient has received masses of attention recently from both the scientific community and media outlets due to its versatility and qualities. Because inulin has a natural sweetness, it is becoming a viable alternative to sugar. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) acknowledges that when used instead of sugar, inulin results in a lower spike in blood glucose levels. As unstable blood sugar is a health concern and can also result in energy lulls, inulin could be a healthy alternative.
Inulin is also highly versatile when in powder form, as it can be easily added to beverages, foods and even baked goods! Just add the subtly sweet Simply Inulin Pure Inulin powder to the food/drink item of your choice to acquire a convenient, high fibre source whenever you may need it.

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Ingrid's French Moroccan Cook Book

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                                               Simply THE BEST COOKBOOK

SIMPLY INULIN Cuisine is suggested if you plan on baking and cooking. It's simply the JUMBO size 

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رأس الحانوت⁩

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