SIMPLYKefir grains  
The Lactose-Free WATER GRAINS are dehydrated 
 Instructions are provided in your package to reactivate your grains, harvest them with love for up to 30 days /30 Uses, and prepare this Simply Kefir PURE PROBIOTIC  Lactose-free milk drinks or champagne lacté, coconut milk or oatmilk yogurts or Kefir Water Elixir.
You can typically make up to 600 ml of kefir drinks or yogurts with each batch for up to 30 times. DO NOT USE PLANT BASED MILKS WITH GUMS and Additives

Simply THE BEST  
رأس الحانو
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SIMPLY THE BEST  EBOOK x 1 GRANDE VIAL (110ml) of SIMPLY THE BEST ras-el-hanout رأس الحانوت translates from ARABIC to " The Best in the Shop": a pure blend of 30 morrocan spices from Morocco. The origins of this spice mixture are very old but you can understand its purpose by simply translating ras el hanout. “Ras el Hanout” means “top of the shop” in Arabic, this suggests that the spices used for the blend are the finest spices available in the merchant's shop.  This also means that there is no final recipe for this mix, so Ingrid haunted the blend that was closest to the one used in her morrocan Grand-Mother's Zorha's Kitchen. The most commonly used ingredients are: Cumin seeds, Cardamom pods, Cinnamon sticks, Dried Ginger, Coriander seeds, Nutmeg, Aniseed, Cloves, Turmeric
Interestingly, ras el hanout shows how Morocco’s historical and cultural background has impacted Moroccan cuisine. The majority of the spices used in this blend originally come from Morocco. This partlicular blend has about 30 spices or more used in it. The recipes differ significantly from a family to another. Some blends might include dried rosebuds or fennel seeds and others some more exotic ingredients such as galangal. Ours is more exotic and warmer so it can be used in meat, poultry, fish, legumes and more. 

One of the reason I  love ras el hanout is because it literally goes with everything and gives a delicious and aromatic Moroccan kick to any savory dish. "each time i add Ras El' Hanout in my dishes I am propelled back into my grand-mother's family dinners, this spice has reminescing magical powers for me".

Today you can find ras el hanout blends in many supermarkets  however it will never be like the REAL THING, as  there’s nothing like a fresh spice blend.

The recipes  I am sharing with you on the EBOOK are simple easy to prepare (20-30 minutes prep) recipes I make on a daily basis for my family, and some I often prepare when I entertain guests and want to transport them to Morroco in an instant  - 12 recipes (and healthy tips, gut health information, hormone friendly foods)  from meats, poultry, salads, veggies, and even sweet treats are included in this Ebook. Many of these dishes you have watched me prepare often on INSTA STORIES. Recipes are also combined with some of my favourite additions - so feel free to customize your  own dishes  by adding a few teaspoons of SIMPLY THE BEST and take the WORD DIE OUT OF DIET FOREVER  --  make your taste buds happy! with Love From Monaco,  Ingrid.
The Lactose-Free WATER GRAINS are dehydrated 
Our Water Grain SimplyKefir is cultivated in France, and harnessed between the mountains of caucasius, where KEFIR originated from centuries ago. A closely guarded secret for generations, it was handed down from family to family as part of the woman’s dowry. “Kef” means to “feel good” in Turkish and like all things that make you feel good, it is hard to keep them a secret forever. That is good news for us bacteriosapiens because kefir is one of the easiest to prepare and most microbially diverse drinks that not only tastes great but keeps everything in good working order.
Kefir has been consumed in the Caucasus Mountains for thousands of years, according to archeological evidence, and was considered a gift from God (Allah) by the Muslim people who lived there.  It is said that the Prophet Mohammed personally blessed the kefir “grains,” but warned that if the grains or recipe were given away the beverage would lose its power.  Families passed down their prized kefir grains (the microbial bodies that ferment the milk into kefir) to their children.

The kefir grains, which were considered a source of wealth, were carefully guarded and renowned in the ancient world for their health benefits. Some scholars believe that kefir grains were in fact the “manna” described in the Bible as being provided by God to feed the Israelites as they wandered the desert for forty years before Moses led them to the Promised Land.  They also think that kefir is what that angels taught Abraham to make, which he credited for his long life and many children. Its name, kefir, may have come from the Turkish word “keyif” that means “good feeling” and got its name because traditionally, drinking kefir was associated with general well-being.

While many avoid dairy these days face a dilemma when it comes to finding a REAL TRUSTWORTHY probiotic in their real food, as  fermented milk products are the BEST KIND OF PROBIOTIC that offer increased bioavailability of nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.  Our SimplyKefir Water Grains originate and  are harnessed near the original land of KEFIR:  the caucasus Mountains.
This POTENT & PURE PROBIOTIC source is  the SOLUTION for those not keen on risking digestive issues from consuming lactose. Simply Kefir grains  are going to provide the best substrate for proliferating kefir grains, for those who avoid dairy, we can also use them to ferment nut milks, coconut milk & even kefir water elixir drinks

Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny: My experience with KEFIR 

Family Legacy 
My grand-ma (mémé)  Zohra was a big part of my childhood, she cared for me when my mom worked, she taught me arabic, and tradition. She had the typical grand-ma's remedies for every ache and pain. When constipated she would make this black-bread high in Fiber (but she never called it fiber, she just called it the bread to make you poop). And when my stomach would be utterly upset, cramping, or reacted badly to certain foods, she would give me her homemade Kefir. It was sour, fizzy, and a different consistancy than milk, so she would stand guard right by my side to watch me chuckle it down making faces. within hours I'd fell better.  It's funny she never spoke of good gut bacteria, microbiome or gut health, but she practed every single principle of Gut-Health so popular today. She relied on REAL FOOD for probiotic & prebiotic support of gut health and microbiome balance. I remembered this once I brought Simply Inulin out on the market. I realized something was missing for the MICROBIOME balance. We had our PURE PREBIOTIC FIBER, but the PROBIOTIC was missing. Followers still suffering from SIBO, Candida, food allergies and intolerances, were screaming in my ears, we need SIMPLY INULIN's Equal in a probiotic. So, I thought of course, Zohra's KEFIR grains were MAGIC ! here they are now,  about to change your life, and health, giving you vital keys to your body you never knew existed.  SimplyKefir, Champagne Lacté is pure, simple & chic ! 

WARNING  you are about to become a culturist and you may admittedly become a bit obsessed by harvesting your kefir. It is not only fun to brew and ferment, but has somehow become slightly addicting and ever so EMPOWERING ! Taking your HEALTH INTO YOUR OWN HANDS ! 

 FULL-INSTRUCTIONS are provided in your package, with simple and easy steps to care for your grains, make your PROBIOTIC Plant-Based Kefir Milk, Champagne Lacté, Kefir Water Elixir & Coconut Lactose-Free Yogurts. You will need 48 hours the first time to activate your grains, and prepare your first brew. 

REMEMBER It Shouldn’t Be This Hard to Be Healthy… or Skinny ! BALANCE YOUR GUT and everything will follow including your waistline. 

COMBINING SimplyINULIN with SimplyKefir Synbiotics – The Art of Combining Prebiotics and Probiotics

The fibre in inulin is soluble, which means it dissolves in water. It dissolves in the stomach and then forms a gelatinous substance that: slows digestion- increases fullness-removes cholesterol as it passes through the digestive tract. MEDICAL RESEARCH confirmed that Synbiotics are the best way to ensure a maximum benefit from the ingested probiotics. The term refers to the synergy created by getting both probiotics, and prebiotics to feed the human microbiome.

Synbiotic Therapy – Scientific Evidence
There is scientific evidence that using synbiotic blends of prebiotics INULIN  and probiotics in KEFIR   will improve gut health, and treat actively symptoms of an unbalanced microbiome. Studies have shown that combining bifidobacterium longum with inulin and oligofructose prebiotics can reduce the chronic inflammation in many cases, balance hormones and faciliate weightloss. 

The Lactose-Free WATER GRAINS 
Our Water Grain SimplyKefir is a great complement to our PREBIOTIC Simply Inulin, you will even be able to add Simply Inulin into your Kefir Milk, Water Elixir Drink or Yogurt. 
The grains are an actual living ecosystem that is composed of multiple strains (up to 400) of friendly bacteria and yeasts that are held together in a structure composed of proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides. Because the grains are alive and reproduce, with care and constant feeding the grains can be kept alive and continue producing kefir indefinitely. Kefir grains are often compared in looks to cauliflower heads, but have a gelatinous texture.

Different strains of kefir grains do not contain exactly the same mix of bacteria and yeasts, but certain probiotic microorganisms are almost always present. Many of the probiotics that are often found in kefir grains, and in varying degrees in the kefir, have been extensively studied by medical researchers with multiple positive health effects.

the bacteria in kefir and associated health benefits are as follows:

Lactobacillus acidophilus:  Decrease cravings, regulate appetite, reduce stress, reduce acne, reduce rosacea, reduce irritable bowel syndrome, reduce asthma, reduce high cholesterol, assist in lactose digestion, prevent or treat diarrhea.

Lactobacillus casei. Decrease cravings, regulate and control appetite, produce collagen binding proteins, preventing antibiotic associated diarrhea and Clostridium difficile infections, treating diarrhea, treating pancreatic necrosis, treating SIBO.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus. Decrease cravings, regulate appetite, treat or prevent diarrhea, reduce anxiety, prevent eczema, support weight loss, produces Hyaluronic Acid for skin health, preventing abdominal obesity, produce collagen binding proteins, reduce inflammation in Crohn’s disease, reduce risk for respiratory infections in children, preventing or treating atopic dermatitis, preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs), reducing intestinal permeability (“Leaky Gut”)

Streptococcus thermophiles. Reduce anxiety, produces Hyaluronic Acid for healthy skin, increases skin ceramides, encourage steady growth rate in children, improves diet induced obesity and insulin resistance, preventing chemotherapy induced mucositis, reduce instances of lung cancer, prevent antibiotic induced diarrhea
Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Reduce constipation, reduce acne, stimulate immune system, anti-tumor action

The PURE PROBIOTIC will stay ACTIVATED  and POTENT, thus  reusable for up to 30 uses, as long as your harvest your culture in our Black Ceramic Jar, feeding your grains with non-refined sugar and water. 

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Comparison to Probiotic Supplements
Typical probiotic supplements are made by manufacturers or laboratories who culture one or several different bacteria and yeasts species for inclusion into capsules with nutrition to keep the colonies alive. The manufacturers may claim that each capsule has several billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of live probiotics, but in actual fact, by the time the capsule arrives in your stomach, the actual numbers can be greatly reduced. Because the probiotics are living microbes, over time they die – so age of the supplement is a factor. Exposure to heat can further hasten the decline in numbers of CFUs in the capsule.  Finally, not all of the probiotics in the supplements survive the digestive process – the acid in the small intestine can kill them.

SimplyKefir, meanwhile puts you in FULL-CONTROL of your HEALTH, and GIVES YOU FULL-DISCLOSURE of what you are consumming to benefit your health. It can be made and consumed fresh in the home so the issues of time and storage are less of an issue as your home is your laboratory. Simply Kefir preparations whether plant-based milks or water-elixir drink can contain up to fifty strains of helpful bacteria and yeasts. The quantities of the probiotics are typically many times higher in kefir than what are found in a capsule – a cup of homemade kefir can contain 2.35 trillion CFU’s.   The kefir itself contains protective ingredients that enable more of the probiotic bacteria to make it to the lower intestine, where they do their hard work.

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