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AMBER ROCKS  from Morocco 

I decided to source Amber Rocks, after documenting my many trips to Marrakech Morocco, and getting feedback from my Gangster Chic tribe,  All of you were so intrigued by these magic mystical rocks sitting by my bedside and on my coffee table, you asked for them. You spoke, I listened... I never thought I would add this "Art de Vivre" section ( art of living), but it all serendipitously makes sense to me now:  wellness is all about living well, and mastering the art of hedonism. 

My grand-parents origins, my family's culture is all about lifestyle, scents, and all kinds of sensory memories and flashbacks. AMBER is one of those incredible scents, we call Parfum D'ambiance in French, that makes my home so welcoming, so classy, and transports me back to my childhood. I always thought this home fragrance  gives the host the flair of a french aristocrat, and the warmth of  moroccan home.

The amber resin was handpicked by berber farmers in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and the resin rocks are molded by the berber ladies in the same family owned manufacture as our FUCKING BEAUTIFUL Simply Huile De Rose Rose Oil

My Moroccan grand-mother always used  solid perfume from resins ( amber rocks).  There are no synthetic fragrances or any chemicals - this bar is perfect for someone who has sensitivities to chemical ridden perfume sprays - Yes it can be used on your skin too. Simply run the bar on your wrists and neck- Used as a body fragrance the bar itself lasts up to 1 year. 

✓ Vegan Friendly
✓ Phthalates Free
✓ Alcohol Free
✓ 100% Natural made with Pure - Based Ingredients.
✓ Cruelty Free

With Love From Monaco♥Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny  

 Ingredients produced without the addition of additives or chemicals.
Ingredients produced in an ethical, responsible, sustainable manner that cares for the environment and where future sustainability is maintained.
Openness in where the raw materials used in  ingredients come from and how they are converted into the ingredients used in our products.
Consumers expect that the products they use are produced according to the highest safety standards defined by regulatory requirements and industry “Best Practice”.


AMBER ROCKS are cultured and made in Morocco. 

90 g -- 3 AMBER ROCKS to be cut into pieces to release the exquisite PARFUM D'AMBIANCE scent. 

Simply Parfum D'Ambiance From Marrakech 

Prepare a green tea, pour your boiling water in. Unlike Simply Inulin Coffee, Simply Inulin should be poured after the water when preparing tea. Add 2 scoops of 1 g and stir immediatelly on liquid contact. Add a moroccan touch by putting in fresh mint leaves.  Deem your lights, inhale the beautiful scent of your AMBER ROCKS, and drink peacefully before falling asleep. Bonne Nuit Chic Gangster! 

Scents matter so much to your endocrine system, and cortisol levels. Titilating your senses with lovely smells at home, will aid lowering your cortisol levels, aid sleep, and ultimately help with weightloss. Crack a few rocks by your bedside, with a Simply Inulin Mint Green Tea, and you are sure to spend a restful night, balancing out your hormones. Give it a try! 

Amber Rocks are made from ancient, fossilized plant resin from Morocco. Aromatic resin drips from trees.
 PURE AMBER ROCKS releases a durable scent for 3-6 months depending on space and air quality of your home. 

USE: Place on a tray on your coffee table, by your bedside, in your bathroom, and in the mousseline bag included for linen closets & lingerie drawers. Can be used as body fragrance as well. 


Indigenous and unique raw natural fragrance for women. It is a warm and exotic with notes of smoky amber, ambergris and spicy wood with creamy vanilla top notes.

The scent is warm, musky, rich and honey-like, and also somewhat earthy

Amber Rocks Parfum D'Ambiance is chic,  evocative, seductive, sultry and exotic.

Simply Huile De Rose - Rose Oil From Marrakech 

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