FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Keeping your immune system healthy and functioning at its best is important for your ability to fight viruses like the flu. 70% of your immune system resides in the gut. Supporting immune health through good nutrition, proper rest and hydration is important for fighting off infections. If You already support a healthy gut flora with our Simply Inulin  for a flat tummy, you will love this special edition IMMNUNE BOOST.
Vitamin and minerals — particularly C and E, as well play an important role in keeping the immune system strong so that it can fight off foreign invaders.
We have paired our Star Product Simply Inulin powderful prebiotic action with the ultimate  immunity boosters VITAMIN C & E. 
With our  innovative single milling process free of bleaching we infused our Simply Inulin with the perfect amount of PURE VITAMIN C & E.
IMMUNE BOOST IS NOT A CURE FOR COVID-19 NOR A TREATMENT. Seek the help of a doctor if you are feeling symptomatic

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⇒    Excellent source of fibre
⇒    Appetite control 
⇒    PREBIOTIC Improves gut health 
⇒   Free of artificial colors, flavor 
⇒   Substitutes sugar & flour in                    drinks and baked goods
⇒   Reduces bloating significantly
⇒   Reduces water retention
⇒    Curbs sweet tooth cravings
⇒    Results include a flatter tummy, weightloss, clearer skin, aids hair and nail growth, heals eczema and other skin conditions related to microbiome imbalance
⇒ Suitable & Recommened for IBS,  CHRONE Disease, Eczema & other Skin to Gut Issues.
⇒   Free of Preservatives
⇒   Suitable for diabetes, cholesterol 
If you have FODMAP   it is recommended to go on a LOW FODMAP diet for 3 weeks prior to taking inulin 

80 to 100 Servings: Great Source of Soluble Dietary Fiber & Prebiotic Supplement [Vegan Friendly - Gluten Free - Lactose Free]  

                                               SimplyINULIN IMMUNE BOOST

SIMPLY INULIN POWDER from Jerusalem Artichoke Root  is the purest on the Market due to its innovative milling process for  HIGHER POTENCY & ABSORPTION. UK MANUFACTURED from EU ORGANIC Crops.

SIMPLY INULIN POWDER from Jerusalem Artichoke Root  is the purest on the Market (100% INULIN) & its INNOVATIVE milling process makes for   HIGHER POTENCY & ABSORPTION - KEEP IN MIND that not all Inulins are created equal. Many Inulins (especially on the American Market) are not regulated by any Agencies and often deem their Inulin pure when in fact hidden gums and thicheners are not disclosed yet contained. They can be manufactured in China, that too is often not disclosed. 
Our Simply Inulin is made in EUROPE from EUROPE grown crops. 

1.1Kg of the Original
Simply Inulin 
Comes in our Convenient PREMIUM Plastic (Free of Endocrine Disrupters) - Chic to display on your kitchen counter, ready-to-use for baking and cooking your favorite Waffles, Briôche, Soups, Sexy Chili, Pasta Vodka Pesto Rosso Sauce and more... Adding PURE PREBIOTIC FIBER to your homecooked meals .
HIGH IN FIBRE- Simply Inulin could be the perfect choice for anyone looking to boost their fibre intake to support good health. This premium quality inulin powder is almost 90% fibre by weight, offering a quick and convenient boost of fibre whenever you require.
TASTY & VERSATILE- Inulin is naturally sweet, which has seen its popularity soar as many are now using it as a replacement for sugar. Simply Inulin Pure Inulin powder can be easily added to drinks, foods and even baked goods to boost their nutritional value.

The Canister is a 1.5kg size but will contain 1.1kg to insure safe traveling in the laying position of packaging, and avoid it from exploding during shipment. For this reason your Canister may look like it was not filled to the top -- It does indeed contain 1.1kg 
Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny is the founder of the Simply Gangster Chic line of products, including its superstar and best-seller SIMPLY INULIN. She  shows us live from her kitchen in Monaco, how to make the Perfect Simply INULIN Coffee. SIMPLY INULIN coffee is a great weight loss aid, it will balance your gut microbiome while having a satiating effect on your appetite, with the coffee as a METABOLIC BOOST. It Is a great pre-workout fuel, or Intermittent Fasting approved liquid that will not disrupt your fast.
You can use the same recipe to make a Simply INULIN chai latte, or tea as well. Simply Inulin can also be used in water, lemon water or even hot water with fresh mint.  It mixes well in hot and cold liquids, as well as soups, sauces, and can also be used as a flour alternative for baking, as well as a binding agent for meatballs, veggie burgers and more.  This video is not professional quality, and was recorded as a fun and informative demo. For medical questions or advice on the use of Simply Inulin always consult a GP. 


  How to make 

  What is 

  Simply INULIN 

Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny explains Simply INULIN is the superstar of prebiotic fiber. Why? According to Dr. GUNDRY It is your good gut bacteria’s favorite food. What does that mean for your health ? Your lower gut runs the course of your health, your skin, your hormones. When the good gut bacteria is fed by prebiotic fiber such as INULIN contained in many of our favorite veggies and fruits, you are more likely to balance out your hormones and find the key to natural and durable weight loss and weight management. It helps and is recommended by doctors for those suffering from IBS, CHRONE Diseases, Digestive issues & hormonal imbalances. It is scientifically proven to help children with cognitive disabilities such as autism, add, adhd. Incredible findings about the gut-brain axis have revealed that INULIN can help with mood swings, sleep issues and more. It is recommended for diabetes and those with high cholesterol.
Simply INULIN cannot be digested by the small intestine, and transforms into a chain of fatty acids once digested, which will clean out your colon. The health benefits are endless, the magical results include instant satiation, stops cravings & prevents the munchies, it is deemed the FLAT TUMMY powder. Simply INULIN is manufactured under strict EU & UK health department rules, and is the purest most potent kind of INULIN on the Market. One of the rare ones made out of one single milling process of JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE ROOT. This video is not professional quality, and was recorded as a fun and informative demo. For medical questions or advice on the use of Simply Inulin always consult a GP. 

BAGSNOB wrote: "Inulin powder is, in my opinion, about to explode. Thanks in large part to Ingrid de la Mare who is educating the Instagram world about the benefits of this pure prebiotic fiber powder"

  Le clin d''œil dans la presse

SIMPLY INULIN Cuisine is suggested if you plan on baking and cooking. It's simply the JUMBO size 


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Vitamin E
Unlike  most VITAMIN E supplements that are  SYNTHETIC, SIMPLY INULIN IMMUNITY BOOST is  D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, VITAMIN E in its pure natural form. 
Vitamin E  was given to my dad when he got radiation treatments, to build his IMMUNE SYSTEM back up. It is the #1 IMMUNE SYSTEM booster

What food contain VITAMIN E? Vegetable oils (such as wheat germ, sunflower, safflower, corn, and soybean oils), Nuts (such as almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts/filberts), Seeds (such as sunflower seeds), Green leafy vegetables (such as spinach and broccoli)
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight off infection.  It helps the immune system fight infections. It widens blood vessels. This helps to keep clots from forming in them.
The effects of vitamin E on the natural incidence of infectious diseases have been determined in several studies.. Many studies provided evidence that the immunostimulatory effects of vitamin E confer improved resistance to infections
ours  is so fundamentally different from other vitamin C supplements, unlike synthetic crystals of vitamin C, immune boost . vitamin C is a  vibrant, living blend of wildcrafted fruits, herbs & minerals that are  100% natural sources of vitamin C. And unlike isolated ascorbic acid powders, which have been chemically synthesized in a laboratory, our vitamin C provides all the well-researched, immune-supporting phytonutrients that only accompany genuine, 100% natural vitamin C. One of the world's richest source of natural vitamin C (30-50 times more than an orange.
Made from organic and wildcrafted whole foods
Easily absorbed & gentle on the digestive system
Packed with highly bioavailable nutrients
Balanced with natural co-factors
Ingredients are sourced using sustainable techniques
No additives, fillers, corn, gluten or synthetic ascorbic acid
*Since natural vitamin C sources are so much more thoroughly assimilated and effective than ascorbic acid, you can take fewer milligrams of C to get the equivalent of much more ascorbic acid
Vitamin C contributes to immune defense by supporting various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system

                                               édition Speciale

This product will be on the market for a limited time only. It was formulated to answer to the immediate need and concern for a stronger immune system during these uncertain times. IMMUNE BOOST édition spéciale IS NOT a cure nor a preventive treatment for covid-19, as of right now there are no treatments nor vaccines available.
It does not replace SIMPLY INULIN, and should be consumed in addition to your daily intake of Simply Inulin (usually 5tsp) 
We recommand taking 2tsp of SIMPY INULIN IMMUNE BOOST daily for the recommended dietary daily intake of 90 mg of Vitamin C & 15mg of Vitamin E
The natural taste of the vitamins subsides the sweeter taste of simply inulin slightly. You may prefer to consume it in IMMUNE BOOSTING drinks such as Hot water Lemon Ginger and Raw Honey, Tea, Water or Detox shots/smoothies. For a metabolic boost it can be consumed in Black Coffee as well.
While I am not a fan of supplementation, and Vitamin E and C like Inulin are  in food:  why not just consume it in food?  well because most nations don’t consume enough real food containing either and not fast enough to restore their microbiome and even less their immune system in a time where we are so anxious & concerned about keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy. 
I hope to remove IMMUNE BOOST off the market once the quarantine period is over & as soon as this Virus becomes something of the past. 
Please be safe, eat whole foods, take this time to cook homemade meals and stay away from protein powders, fake foods, processed crap & protein bars or meal replacements. Do not feed on liquids, shakes or smoothies. Sending you and your family lots of love & strength from MONACO. 
 Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny

                                               édition Speciale