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PURE SIMPLY INULIN POWDER- 80 to 100 Servings: Great Source of Soluble Dietary Fiber & Prebiotic Supplement [Vegan Friendly - Gluten Free - Lactose Free] 
Fibre supplements such as Simply INULIN Pure Inulin powder have seen a massive surge in popularity given the statistics that on average, we as a nation are falling well short of the Department of Health recommendation of 30g of fibre per day.Simply  Inulin is PURE JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE ROOT, a nutrient which cannot be digested or absorbed in the body, meaning it is classed as a fibre. It is also one of the best known sources, as it boasts almost 90g of fibre per 100g! Inulin can also be obtained through foods such as asparagus, onions, garlic, artichokes, chicoree root, acacia and sweet potatoes. All consumers who followed Ingrid's consumption tips repost a FLATTER TUMMY FAST & no longer PLATEAU-ing in their weightloss efforts !
This vegan-friendly nutrient has received masses of attention recently from both the scientific community and media outlets due to its versatility and qualities. Because inulin has a natural sweetness, it is becoming a viable alternative to sugar. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) acknowledges that when used instead of sugar, inulin results in a lower spike in blood glucose levels. As unstable blood sugar is a health concern and can also result in energy lulls, inulin could be a healthy alternative.
Inulin is also highly versatile when in powder form, as it can be easily added to beverages, foods and even baked goods! Just add the subtly sweet Simply Inulin Pure Inulin powder to the food/drink item of your choice to acquire a convenient, high fibre source whenever you may need it.

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CHARBON ACTIF (activated Charcoal)  is considered safe for most people. However, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with autoimmune disorders and those taking certain medications may need to consult with their doctor before taking it. Patients with kidney disease should not use Charbon Actif without being under medical supervision. KIDNEY HOLY GRAIL  not a medical treatment, and does not substitute medical treatment.  

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PURE Vegan Formula  ‎Charbon Végétal Actif 2000 mg 180 capsules 
INSTRUCTIONS: Take 3 capsules per day with a large glass of water 30 minutes before your biggest meal of the day, you may take 3 extra capsules after the next meal, especially after an evening meal.  Do not exceed the recommended amount (6 per day). 
120 Capsules (2 months supply ) 
FORMULATED & MADE IN FRANCE  by Certified Herbalists 


PUREST & MOST POTENT CHARBON ACTIF FROM  COCONUT HUSK  for KIDNEY SUPPORT  from Organic Mediterranean Crops. All Natural  -- All natural vegetal capsules 

 (1 Bottle of 180 capsules) 

2000mg per serving (6 capsules per day)


if you're struggling with extra weight in the belly, insulin resistance may be causing the problem. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. One of its functions is to transport sugars from the blood into all other cells of the body so that the sugars can be used as energy.

Chronically elevated levels of your stress hormone cortisol cause increased blood sugar and cholesterol, depression, dementia, and promotes the accumulation of belly fat that are commonly seen in patients with insulin resistance or diabetes. 

Activated Charcoal has been medically found to help prevent insulin resistance, thus can help lose visceral fat gains around the midsection area cause by insulin resistance. 

Scientists also found activated charcoal to be helpful in reducing cholesterol levels across several clinical studies. Bile acids and high-fat content from food were adsorbed on the surface of activated charcoal in the gut. This, in turn, reduced the absorption of fat from the gut. (Source Medical Journal / google)

GOING TO THE GYM RELIGIOUSLY? DIETING CONSTANTLY ?  Nothing works ... you are still retaining stubborn fat in your midsection area (Arms, Inner Legs, Back Fat) - Your Midsection is not budging? You are most likely suffering from INSULIN RESISTANCE, which means you are not burning the fat you are eating for fuel. Instead you are retaining it and you are tired and completely out of energy. 

HOLY GRAIL Hormonal Support Complex (Liver, Kidney, Feminie)  is for you ! but you need to also find the root of the problem by changing some habits that my be contributing to heightened stress levels  - Here are a few examples Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny often talks about in her Podcast PARDON MY FRENCH! :

1) MIND YOUR GUT HEALTH: The #1 ennemy of the Hormone Cortisol is digestion. If your gut is imbalanced & your digestion difficult chances are your cortisol gets elevated to unhealthy levels each time you eat. The fat you ingest then gets stored because insulin resitance will prevent your metabolism from burning that fat for fuel.

Eating a healthy balanced meal of Fiber, Protein & Fatty Acids, prebiotics and probiotic foods and plants will help.

2) BEWARE OF YOUR CHOICE OF EXERCISE: If you are suspecting that you have adrenal inflammation /Cortisol Imbalance due to stubborn fat deposits and unexplicable weight gain, think about reducing the amount of cardio in your workout regimen. Avoid High Intensity, High Impact workouts at all cost. Avoid lifting heavy weights & very taxing workouts such as HIIT, BOOTCAMP, Spinning etc.

3) GET SUNLIGHT/DAYLIGHT DAILY: Avoid dark settings or very artificial lights for long periods of time  (or the infamous red lights in spinning classes). Led light therapy may help. Sunlight therapy for 4-8 minutes a day is better for melatonin production which soothes adrenal inflammation. 

4) AVOID NOISY environments especially when you work out  (a coach that is screaming in a microphone, loud pounding music) and when you eat.

ALL these factors will rise your cortisol and prevent you from burning fat for fuel. 

5) AVOID PROCESSED FOOD and diet foods/plans -Instead switch to chic portions & a mediteranean diet 

6) TAKE YOUR TIME TO SIT DOWN & EAT: avoid eating on the goor standing up, or in a rush. Take proper time in a calm, pleasant setting to ingest your food. Chew with your mouth closed and take smaller bites to avoid aerophagia (gulping excessive amounts of air will cause your cortisol to rise) which will cause massive bloating and metabolic distress. 

Taking Our Hormonal Support products only be effective if you do make conscious changes to keep your hormones from enduring stress. It is not a magic pill that you should depend if you don't plan on making these other changes in your life. 

HOLY GRAIL FOR HORMONAL SUPPORT  are   plants with medicinal and phytotherapy properties, they  not  supplements - They do not replace prescription medication. We still encourage you to seek your doctor's advice for any ailments that may cause you discomfort or pain. 


The use of CHARBON ACTIF Kidney HolyGrail  dates back to Antiquity, a period during which the Egyptians used it to purify water and Hippocrates, "father of medicine", used it medicinally.

In the 1800s, the chemist Bertrand and the scientist Pierre-Fleurus Touéry proved that Charbon Actif  was a universal antidote and it was much later, in 1984, that the American Medical Association confirmed it.

Nowadays, it is used in the form of filters in swimming pools and hospitals, and   in different forms (including capsulated form) to detoxify the body. It boast some poweful benefits such as aiding digestion, reducing gas and bloating, and absorbing toxins from your body, exerting estrogen dominance, 

KIDNEY HOLY GRAIL aka activated vegetable charcoal when consumed,  is not absorbed by our body. It stays in the intestine until it is passed through the stool. And before that, it absorbs all the unwanted substances mentioned above, but also toxins, bacteria and intestinal gas to get rid of them.


When consumed, activated vegetable charcoal is not absorbed by our body. It stays in the intestine while its  porous consistency containing  a negative electrical charge attracts  positively charged molecules like toxins and gases — helping it catch,  trap and absorbs all the unwanted substances (think all chemicals from processed foods etc.) , but also toxins, bacteria and intestinal gas to get rid of them. 

Since you body doesn’t absorb activated charcoal, it transports the toxins on its surface out of the body via stools.  

It is all science-backed (just google it to find the resources we share here) 

Since activated charcoal can bind a range of drugs and toxins, stopping their absorption into the body, it can be used as an anti-poison treatment or help remedy drug overdoses. We do not recommend using for this purpose, and urge you to seek medical attention 

Activated charcoal shouldn’t be considered a “go-to” method for anti-poison and drug overdose treatments, but this property speaks to its high potency. 

According to PUBMED -- [The leading medical database for search and retrieval of biomedical and life sciences literature with the aim of improving health–both globally and personally]: 

Medical studies  show that Activated Charcoal like HOLY GRAIL KIDNEY, helps  the removal of free and protein-bound hormones by  activated charcoal.  The study found that  cortisol, thyroxine, insulin and thyroid-stimulating hormone could be potently exerted by  The effects CHARBON ACTIF on   on the systemic levels of these hormones.

Clinical results  suggest that  activated charcoal can efficiently remove  hormones in dominance or hyper-activity.

CHARBON ACTIF from Organic European coconut husk, in its most potent form,  has been used since ancient time to treat various types of illness including poisoning, UTI, binds to irritating or toxic substance in the stomach and intestine. Hence, this prevents the toxin from being absorbed into the body. Thus, the toxin bound by the activated charcoal will be excreted from the body through stool, unaffecting the body.

+Activated charcoal may be able to assist kidney function by filtering out undigested toxins and drugs.

Activated charcoal seems to be especially effective at removing toxins derived from urea, the main byproduct of protein digestion.

More research is needed, but some animal studies show that activated charcoal may help improve kidney function and reduce gastrointestinal damage and inflammation. 

+Relieves the stomach by removing excess gas from the digestive tract.

+Rejuvenating Effect : it is used to counteract the results of the passage of time in the body since it assists in the processes of the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands avoiding excessive cell aging.

+Removing harmful substances, such as drugs, bacteria, toxins, and foreign proteins, where they are then further filtered through our kidneys and excreted via our bladder, or through our intestines and eliminated via our bowels so the liver can filter estrogen dominance properly, preventing excess estrogen from being stored as fat cells (which causes more estrogen production and weight gain). Helps with PCOS, ENDOMETRIOSIS, uterine fibroids, hormonal weight gain —

Source: multiple medical journals, research, reports articles, publications -- European & International medical data   -- Also LaMédecine.com