Ingrid De La Mare - Kenny is the founder and CEO of THE METHOD®. She trains Master instructors, Professional Athletes & conditions High-Level Competitors, as well as consults with Private Clients in Monaco & Worldwide via Live Online Video Conference. Every month Ingrid shares her tips to a long lean sculpted body thru exercise and nutrition, in a way approachable to all, without food restrictions, nor extreme dieting, all possible while keeping an active social life, eating out, traveling,  drinking wine and cocktails. 


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By Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny 

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Hello Gangster Chic Tribe ! Thank you for bringing me into your KITCHEN !

To me cooking has been a life-long instrument to transmit love, health and happiness to my loved ones and a daily occasion to bring my family together for moments of pure laughter, communication and enjoying life together. Born and raised in my parent’s French household, my relationship with food, and meals has always been one of happy moments, partaking in social gathering, celebrations and memories. Meals in France are a front and center element of life at all socioeconomic levels. They are not skipped, they are not rushed, and they are not restricted nor regulated by deprivation. Meals are prepared fresh, and are to be eaten at a table, in a dining room setting, never at a desk or on the front stairs of an office building. “Le Plaisir de La Table” (the pleasures of the table) et “L’Art de Vivre” (the art of living) are the 2 fundamental elements to French hedonism that I have found to be truly what makes us French women such happy skinny bitches! It is such a gangster-chic mindset, which entails literally letting go of the pressure society has bestowed-upon us to diet, deprive and limit ourselves while abiding by sets of eating rules, and stripping us of the foundational pleasures of life. 

The other important facet of my culture, is my family’s origins deeply rooted in my cooking skills and choices, and marked by incredible memories of smells, savors and flavors from my Grand-Ma’s Zohra’s kitchen. My ancestors both paternal and maternal are Moroccan-Jews, and while today they are referred to as French-Moroccan (both my parents were born under French-Protectorate) , the cuisine is influenced by Morocco's interactions and exchanges with other cultures and nations over the centuries. Moroccan cuisine is typically a mix of Berber, Arabic, Andalusian, and Mediterranean cuisines with a slight French and namely European, subsaharan influences. My grand-ma, my mom, and aunt’s kitchens trickle happy, exotic, oriental, sweet, scent and savor-rich memories, all of which have contributed to my anti-diet approach to a healthy, beautiful sexy body, without ever fearing eating REAL FOOD, nor forsaking the adventurous and titillating journey that eating delectable dishes truly represents as one of the BEST PLEASURES OF LIFE.

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