These Programs are for Certified Coaches, Gym or Pilates Studios Owner, or Investors looking to open THE METHOD® FRANCHISES around the world

To receive information about FRANCHISING & CERTIFICATION

THE METHOD® CERTIFICATION PROGRAM is an intensive training & licensing program for professionals (already trained and licensed in other fitness disciplines) who wish to be certified & legally habilitated teach THE METHOD® to their clients or in their studio or gym. We have several programs ranging from

•        Certification TYPE PRO 1 (4-8 weeks Program, including Final examinations (with Jury), mock client training test, and a certification enabling the instructor to obtain both the skills and the license teach THE METHOD® and operate under it's brand-name, to receive bi-yearly improvement training (12 hours), use of the Brand Name Affiliation & endorsement. Price ranges from 5800€- 8500€ (including Certification & Licensing Rights to Brand Use*)  This can be obtained via SKYPE or Facetime, as well as in person at THE METHOD® Studio. 

•     CERTIFICATION TYPE PRO 1 MASTER  is a 12 week Program that will enable any individual professional or not to obtain a certification and the training that goes with it, with an extra layer and level of MASTERY. This is the highest PRO LEVEL available that will provide you with all the knowledge, skill-set and mastery of all 348 Patented Moves of THE METHOD® PROTOCOL.   This Program costs 20,000 € 

→ Certification TYPE PRO 1 only enables the licensees to represent themselves as THE METHOD certified and licensed instructors within their own organisation. THE METHOD ® brand may only be affixed on their website as authorized to teach. THE METHOD ® brand cannot be used on STORE FRONT signs under a TYPE PRO 1 certification

•      Certification TYPE PRO 2 (8 weeks INTENSIVE Program) including 6 months Brand Integration, use of THE METHOD® Brand Name as an exclusive Authorized Center, benefits include our marketing, branding, and client list access Price from 8500 € - 20,000 €
Certification TYPE PRO 2 habilitates the licensees to represent themselves as THE METHOD certified and licensed instructors within their own organisation, and, THE METHOD ® brand may be affixed on their website as Authorized Center, Licensed to represent & teach. THE METHOD Brand Name sign may be displayed on the store front as an affiliate, while SIRET (License to operate) & [Company Name] may be under the licensee's own company name, and liability.  Authorized dealership of THE METHOD products and apparel. The TYPE PRO 2 certification, does not bind THE METHOD ® to a non-compete obligation, which means other THE METHOD authorized studio can exist within a 5 km radius. 

This can be obtained via SKYPE or Facetime, as well as in person at THE METHOD® Studio. 

→For this certification, we require to review pictures of your studio store front, location and prices.

→ PRICES will vary depending on the professional profil and needs of your business and your professional needs. An accurate quote will be submitted to you, followed by a contract and license when you decide to move forward witj your certification. There will be no suprise or added costs throughout the certification process. 

•       Certification TYPE PRO 3  - THE METHOD® EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE to open at a 15km radius from Monaco or anywhere in the world, 8 weeks training for up to 6 staff members, 6 months integration support , licensing with 60 days of training & certification (96 hours). Including branding and exclusive franchising rights in your city. Non-compete Exclusive Rights within the State or Country of the Licensee Purchaser. All benefits from TYPE PRO 1 & 2 Included. Price varies upon Analysis of your location, store front and business plan. Marketing, Public Relations, Authorized dealership of Products and Apparels, Special Appearance by Ingrid & MONACO's THE METHOD team at your location, workshops, Routine Monthly Upgrades, THE METHOD itunes App, Monthly Newsletter, Social Media Management ALL INCLUDED, in a Franchising Partnership Program.
>Variation of such agreements can include PARTNERSHIPS with THE METHOD, allowing a more hands on involvement of THE METHOD® Monaco Team & Ingrid De La Mare.

With all 3 programs you get LIVE ONLINE support with Ingrid and THE METHOD® Master instructors for 3 months after your certification (for franchising ONLive Access ranges from 6 months to continuously throughout the time of the partnership). Which means that you can get help, suggestions and training reminder if needed without coming back to Monaco after your employees certifications are complete. 
If you are interested in any of these certification or franchising opportunities, please contact ingrid@thepilatemethod.com for more information, or  to set up a consultation to discuss your professional options.  


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