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Phytotherpeutic Homeopathic - Phytomedicinal acts on the  Skin Tissue's Hormonal Receptors, restores impaired hormonal response of the Endocrine Skin Tissue organ. 

Organic  Bellis Perennis Macerate Essential oil is a dry body is suitable for all skin type. The pure and homeopathic  active extract is classified as a phyto medicinal remedy.

Macerated in  aromatherapeutic pure essential oils of genévrier, Moroccan FBRO Rose, and blended with pure Moroccan Argan Oil. All ingredients are from  biological Moroccan Agriculture and artisanal production From the Berber Women  of Morocco Cooperative Tribal Craftsmanship: Picked, Harvested in the Atlas Mountains (Bellis Perennis flowers from the Mekness region) family owned lands, the essential oils extracted by gentle steam distillation, the argan oil is wild-harvested cold-pressed and unrefined, Bellis Perennis active exctraction is obtained thru macertation into the pure essential oils blend. 100% organic crops, EU BIO Organic  AGRICULTURE controlled, certified, third party tested.  No chemical process, No chemical agents. 100% PURE  

Treats sagging breasts, neck, bust, decolletage, knees, upper arms, scar tissue causing loose skin in the tummy lower pelvic are. loss of elasticity, drooping of the skin, sagging, loss of tone, wrinkling loosening skin due post-partum and  hormonal levels fluctuations,  hormonal imbalances, including PCOS,  endometriosis, auto immune diseases, thyroid hyper or hypo activity, entering perimenopause, menopause

the toning effect, helps not only keep a firm and shapely breast, but it also helps restore firmness, tone, elasticity and lift to the skin, ideal for care of the decolletage, the bust, neck, lower part of the arms, knees, butt, and lower tummy. 

•Toning effect: Bust, decolettage, neck, under chin,  knees, arms, lower tummy

• Restores Firmness, tonicity and lift loosening skin 

•Repairs skin elasticity & helps recover from saggy, loose skin 

•Minimizes scar tissue 

•Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks

•Revitalize and support maturing skin and skins lacking elasticity usual due to declining estrogen levels entering perimenopause or menopause.

post-partum, post IVF treatments, menopause and other conditions that cause hormonal levels fluctuations, hormonal deficits and dominance  to sculpt and keep a firm bust

•Recovery of skin distention  post-partum  - post lactaction breasts, lower tummy (Lowe Pelvic Area loose skin) 

•Remodeling properties when used for slimming massages or lympathic drainages on disdended  skin areas

Used in the medical field as a remedy for inflammation, deep bruising and deep skin tissue trauma  and  hemorrhage

All information and benefits enumerated are scientifically and medically proven by many published medical journals and research. Bellis Perennis is licensed as a  hemopathic phytomedicinal remedy for medicine use by the EUROPEAN MEDICINES AGENCY.

Bellis Perennis is a perennial plant belonging to the Asteraceae or Compositae (aster, daisy, or sunflower) family.

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