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By Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny 

Simply Culinary L'Huile d'argan 

    Simply INULIN


Argan from Morocco 

My Moroccan Grand-Ma Zorah's magic cooking oil Argan Oil has been made for hundreds if not thousands of years by the native inhabitants of Morocco, the Berbers. 

These Berbers occupy lands between Marrakesh to the north and just south of Agadir and from the west coast over towards the Algerian borders.

This is where the Argan forest grow. The more dense regions being closer to the low coastal areas and in the mountains south of Marrakesh. Traditional preparation of Argan Oil by Berber women was a very labour intensive affair with low production yields. This made commercial sale of Argan Oil outside of Morocco impossible. Argan Oil co-operatives have now made large scale production this possible. To help Berber communities compete with the foreign owned pressing plants NGOs from Europe began to support the development of Berber women’s cooperatives. Funding was provided for new mechanical presses and dedicated buildings where farmers could bring their Argan produce for processing. 

I CHOSE TO SOURCE MY ARGAN OIL directly from the Women Cooperative to help support the very families who discovered Argan oil thousands of years ago, and to make sure I brought to your kitchen the very same flavor and savor my grand-mother Zorah's filled my memories and my heart with from her kitchen. 

I feel so good about sourcing my argan oil from the Berber Women. Imagine how purchasing this Argan Oil helps emancipate the women by offering them a real, sustainable living wages and independance.

So here is my grand-ma's mystical and delicious Argan Oil sourced directly  from the Berber Women Cooperative of Morocco without a middle man, and   100% NATURAL FROM human heartbeats. So now, you know exactly where it comes from, and the one and only ingredient that is in it. 

With Love From Monaco♥Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny  

 Ingredients produced without the addition of additives or chemicals.
Ingredients produced in an ethical, responsible, sustainable manner that cares for the environment and where future sustainability is maintained.
Openness in where the raw materials used in  ingredients come from and how they are converted into the ingredients used in our products.
Consumers expect that the products they use are produced according to the highest safety standards defined by regulatory requirements and industry “Best Practice”.

250 ML Pure Cold-Pressed Culinary ARGAN Oil  From Morocco's Organic Agriculture, 
Argan Oil women’s cooperatives owned entirely by Berber women

Make Ingrid's Simply Inulin High Fiber Briôche by substituting the coconut oil for Argan Oil to make what Moroccan ladies call "Pain Arab" Arab Bread with gut benefits

Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny  Sourcing Fucking Beautiful Simply Huile De Rose & Argan Oil at the Artisanal Factory where the Berber Women extract the Rose Oil & Argan Oil  in Marrakech Old Quartier De La Medina

SOURCING straight from the source
Simply L'huile d'Argan - Culinary Argan Oil From Morocco  

Culinary Argan Oil is a type of Argan Oil which is edible. Do not use for skin or hair. 

To make Argan Oil for eating and cooking the nut kernels are toasted before pressing. This gives it a golden colour and unique nutty flavour.

In Morocco it is used for cooking, eating and also as a dietary supplement for its many health benefits
Argan Oil for eating the oil-rich Argan kernels are extracted from the hard Argan nuts.
Next the white Argan nut kernels are toasted before the final cold-pressing. 

An authentic Culinary Argan Oil prepared for eating, cooking or use as a dietary supplement should have a golden brown colour, toasted nutty aroma and delicious nutty taste.
Argan oil has been used for centuries for a variety of culinary, cosmetic and medicinal purposes. It is rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Early research indicates that argan oil may help prevent chronic illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and weight loss & management. 
-Argan oil provides a good source of linoleic and oleic fatty acids, two fats known to support good health. It also boasts high levels of vitamin E.
-Multiple compounds in argan oil may help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress
-Argan oil’s fatty acids and antioxidants may help reduce heart disease risk, though more research is needed.
-Argan oil may reduce blood sugar and insulin resistance to help prevent diabetes. That said, human studies are lacking.
-Some test-tube studies revealed potential cancer-fighting effects of argan oil, though more studies are needed.
In conclusion Culinary Argan Oil is known to faciliate weight loss & management, aid digestion and an array  anti-aging properties
Traditionally, culinary argan oil is very versatile and can be  used for dipping bread or drizzling on couscous or vegetables. It can also be lightly heated, but it is not appropriate for high-heat dishes as it can easily burn.
Add on cooked eggs and omelettes, in bread batter, drizzle on soups before serving. Salad Dressings, Nutty Salsas, Creamy, Spicy Sauces, Grilled Fish,Rich Toasted Cheeses Salads, Dried Fruit Recipes, Roasted Vegetables, Biscuits and Brownies, Desert Pasta Dishes, Spreads and Ice Cream Toppings.
In Moroccan cooking Culinary Argan Oil is used for its toasted, creamy, nutty flavour.
It is rarely used for high-temperature cooking and frying.
Culinary Argan Oil can be used for medium heat applications such as pan-frying ingredients, frying onions or frying a chicken with spices.
It adds flavour and richness to sweet and savoury dishes.
Use it to create unique nutty salad dressings, sauces, pour on food, such as roasted pepper, before serving or stirred into soups, roasts or Tagines.  Use to create sweet sauces, pour on grilled goat cheese with almonds, blend with honey to create a breakfast spread, blend with melted chocolate or cream to create unique ice cream toppings.

In Morocco this oil is most often enjoyed dipping bread into the oil and eating. 
Argan oil is derived from the nuts of Argania spinosa, a native desert tree in Morocco. In other words, the fruit of the Argania spinosa tree often called “argan nuts” are tree nuts. The oil is cold pressed as opposed to heat processed or highly refined

If you are allergic to tree nuts, although argan nut is not on the list of the priority allergens, it would be prudent to avoid the use of argan oil

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How well was your BMI level? If after computation you were able to see a 25 and above BMI level, then it is necessary for you to be more aware about your weight and the food you eat. Here is where argan oil is able to help you.

Studies have shown that when argan oil is taken internally it reduces cholesterol, balances digestion, stabilizes blood sugar levels, boosts the immune system, and aids in weight loss. How does argan oil do it?

Argan oil is known to lower the levels of plasma LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). It is also known to be a good fighter of cardiovascular diseases. Aside from being able to help people lose weight, argan oil is also able to keep the body more healthy and keep the elderly from getting various diseases.

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants. Studies have shown that antioxidants are a form of cancer preventive. It slows down the growth of various types of cancer cells.

Studies have also proven that argan oil decreases insulin resistance, helping treat diabetes.

Argan oil is indeed a secret weapon not just for losing weight but also for shielding bodies from sickness. It is recommended to take 2 tablespoons of organic argan oil per day to get the health benefits of argan oil.