Ingrid De La Mare - Kenny is the founder and CEO of THE METHOD®. She trains Master instructors, Professional Athletes & conditions High-Level Competitors, as well as consults with Private Clients in Monaco & Worldwide via Live Online Video Conference. Every month Ingrid shares her tips to a long lean sculpted body thru exercise and nutrition, in a way approachable to all, without food restrictions, nor extreme dieting, all possible while keeping an active social life, eating out, traveling,  drinking wine and cocktails. 


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Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny  teamed up with Dr. Michelle Braude of   THE FOOD EFFECT  to create a delicious guilt-free HIGH FIBER HIGH PROTEIN Chocolate Pudding Gluten-Free, Grain Free, and Free of Protein Powders, Free of STEVIA & TRUVIA. Providing amazing gut-health benefits, while promoting easy weightloss without ever resorting to a DIET. Dr. Michelle Braude is a Medical Doctor & Registered Nutritionist, who meets all of Ingrid's philosophies when it comes to health and weight management. Ingrid often relies on Dr. Braude to support her knowledege & reasoning with RELIABLE RELATABLE SCIENCE. Dr. Braude is just that she is a young medical doctor, who is relatable and makes medical knowledge & living well while being healthy Gangster Chic. Dr. Braude has endorsed  SimplyINULIN & uses it in many of her delicious recipes
    Simply INULIN 
     made in the U.K
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  This Month's Simply Recipes


Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny  teamed up with Sally Schimko of   MySexyVeggies to create this  Gluten-Free, Flour Free, HIGH-FIBER Bread Recipe . Sally created a HIGH FIBER   SimplyINULIN  Everything Bagel with Tahini (Ground Sesame Condiment) , and Ingrid added a twist to this recipe by making her French Briôche   VARIATIONS of Bread Briôché, Chocolate Briôche, Garlic & Herbs Pain Briôché, all with a high-fiber dose  of Simply INULIN 


  • Lactose-Free optional 
  • Soy-Free
  • Suited for Vegetarians
  • No Stevia No Truvia
  • No Gums 
  • Flour-Free
  • Wheat  Free
  • No Additives 
Contains Eggs, Baking Powder and Sesame
* Keep in mind that SimplyInulin is not suited for individuals with FODMAP sensitivity, While it is suited for individuals with IBS, Crhone & other gut and digestive issues
Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny  has created  a delicious guilt-free HIGH FIBER, low-carb,Gluten-Free, Grain Free, Dairy-Free and  Free of Protein Powders and other processed ingredients , Free of STEVIA & TRUVIA. Providing amazing gut-health benefits, while promoting easy weightloss without ever resorting to a DIET.  
If you want a SHORTBREAD - Ritz cracker like texture add 35 g of ground hazelnut 
GUT HEALTH: ADD 100 g of Potato Starch 
GUT HEALTH:  Potato Starch is a very healthy and active ingridient when it comes to digestive health