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    Simply INULIN 
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Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny  created a delicious VEGAN version of her Moroccan Kefta Veal Ball from her CookBook   Simply The Best with the INNOVATIVE Vegan Protein Fiber Powder    Simply PROTEINE FIBRÉE  containg more than 65% more Pure Protein than regular protein powders on the market, and  the highest dose of PURE prebiotic fiber as it contains  Simply INULIN. Here is the Recipe: 
  • Lactose-Free optional 
  • Soy-Free
  • Suited for Vegetarians
  • No Stevia No Truvia
  • No Gums 
  • Flour-Free
  • Wheat  Free
  • No Additives 
Contains Eggs, Baking Powder and Sesame
* Keep in mind that SimplyInulin is not suited for individuals with FODMAP sensitivity, While it is suited for individuals with IBS, Crhone & other gut and digestive issues
Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny  has created  a delicious guilt-free HIGH FIBER, low-carb,Gluten-Free, Grain Free, Dairy-Free and  Free of Whey Protein Powders and other processed ingredients , Free of STEVIA & TRUVIA. Providing amazing gut-health benefits, while promoting easy weightloss without ever resorting to a DIET.  
If you want a SHORTBREAD - Ritz cracker like texture add 35 g of ground hazelnut 
GUT HEALTH: ADD 100 g of Potato Starch 
GUT HEALTH:  Potato Starch is a very healthy and active ingridient when it comes to digestive health 


 Vegan Protein Fiber Powder   Simply PROTEINE FIBRÉE 
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[1] TGI Paris, 10 juil. 1974
You may use this recipe for personal/ recreational use, as long as credit is given if published on personal pages, articles, website, blog or social media platforms. 

Ingredients for 4 people:

60 g of SIMPLY PROTÉINE FIBRÉE protein powder

400 g of Kidney Beans  (canned)

100 g of Chicpeas

300 g of Frozen or Freshly Pre-cut (shred style/noodle style) veggies (called Julienne of Vegetables) including carrots, zucchini, celery or other

1  White Onion

3 TBS of Ras El Hanout Simply The Best Morrocan Spice 

4 TBS of Cumin Spice

1  TBS of Curcuma

Parsley Flakes - Garlic Powder - Baby Sea Salt (Fleur de Sel) - Pepper if needed

European Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

1 Egg (Optional) 

4 TBS of Simply Inulin (optional if you wish to add even more fiber)

1 TBS Any kind of chicken mix spice, or mixed herbs ( I like a mediteranean mix with dried bell peppers & herbs)


In a non-stick pan start by sautéing your Julienne with a drop or 2 of olive oil, add a pinch of salt, and a tsp of garlic powder. Cook on medium high flame till the water contained in your veggies evaporates. 

On the side, Sautee your onion cut in cubes, until brown - Mix the veggies and onion in the same pan, and just mix on a low flame for 1 min. 

Using a food processor (Do not use a bulletproof) mix your beans and chicpeas, until you get a pureed texture. you can already add 4 pinches of fleur de sel sea salt, 2 tsp of garlic powder and 1 tbsp of olive oil, and mix just a bit more. 

In a Large Bowl, add your pureed beans and chicpea mixture, the sauteed veggies, your simply protein powder,  add all your spices Ras El Hanout, Cumin, Curcuma, Parsley Flakes, Mix herbs Spice (see dosages in ingredients) including 1 Tbs of Garlic Powder & 3 TBS of Olive Oil (that's less than 1 TBS per person, which is no big deal considering it is a healthy fatty acid, French people consume olive oil every day and don't get fat). If you are not Vegan add one whole egg. If you are vegan add some Simply Inulin moist with 4 tbs of warm water. If you want extra fiber (keep in mind the protein powder already contains a good amount, but if i feel i could use more fiber that day ill add it), feel free to add some, it truly helps bind the patty. 

Using latex gloves, mix it all and work it until it looks like a chopped meat texture, it may feel a little sticky but that's ok. Shape your patties big (size of your hand) to give it a burger consistency. 

On a non-stick pan, with a bit of olive oil just to moist it, Place your patties one by one and dont touch them with a spatula yet, gently shake your pan to move them a bit, and when they feel cooked on the bottom, gently use a spatula to turn them over.

Keep in mind, techinically the content of the patties is already pre-cooked so all you have to do now is to brown it till it stays whole, on a medium-low flame, for about 5 mins. 

Serve on a bun, or without with a side of Spinach Salad - or Morrocan Style on a bed of Pasta Tomato Sauce (see pictures) 

You can also watch my Step-by-Step on my instagram highlight here