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á la Française 
All June Orders have shipped out - Please bear with us while we catch up delays from our summer hiatus, and numerous bank holidays. ALL JULY ORDERS ARE BEING PROCESSED, and SHIPPED NOW (items marked in Stock are reserved for you the minute your payment goes thru). If your order was placed in JULY, it's soon on its way to you,  no worries ! 
You didn't get your tracking yet?  DO NOT WORRY. We work á la française, and while our client service is anglophone, and very American Friendly (our Founder is part American after all) we still had to  adjust our practices to the french system. Which means that often we don't post your tracking until your package has been picked up, scanned and transfered to CDG Paris Airport. Scans are not like in the US, you don't get a step by step heartbeat of your package like you would via FedEx or UPS. We use the Postal System and it is efficient, cost-friendly, but will try your ability to demonstrate patience, very french patience !
Are you afraid to run out of Simply Inulin? then the AUTO-SHIP Extremly Important Person EIP program is for you. Click Here to Purchase 
You still want to inquire about your order? not sure it went thru? worried about your delivery? No problem - We are happy to help. Just bear in mind we are a small team of Gangster Chic Fairies working as fast as we can to make your experience as CHIC as possible, we may take a day or 2 to reply  Click Here to Email 
Remember to be polite & courteous like the French Do! this is not Amazon, this is not an automated response system, we appreciate the common courtesy of a Hello, Please and Thank You. Joan Crawford said it best "if you want the girl next door, go NEXT DOOR", by the same token, if you want FAST, OVERNIGHT, CHEAP, Obscure Inulin go on Amazon ! but dont expect that "popular" kind of service from us. We exude quality, trustworthiness, excellence, and transparency which we send bottled up in Chic Packaging  4000-5000 miles away, and accross oceans all the way to you.   
Chances are if you are angry or impatient and your order has not shipped yet, we will spare you AND OURSELVES  the trouble, and issue a refund immediately. Our boss lady does not like when we get unpleasant emails, she has instructed us to keep our customer's and our Cortisol Levels low by resolving any issues with a refund (WHEN THE ORDER has not shipped out yet).
You hav e an urgent inquiry?  You can reach out to our Director of Operations Susanne Råsfalk ( she speaks English, French & Swedish) - Please make sure your inquiry truly requires immediate attention before using this email. Here is an example: "My order is about to ship but I noticed my address is wrong" , "I leave for vacation in 10 days is there a way to speed up my order?", "I am having trouble with my payment and would like to place my order asap"  etc.  Email The Director of Ops Here
We are told by our MOST LOYAL CUSTOMERS that SIMPLY GANGSTER CHIC products are definitely WORTH THE WAIT ! after all they do come all the way from the Principality of  MONACO with Love xx 

"La Patience est une vertue"

Approx 5-10 Business  DAYS DELIVERY once order ships out. Keep in Mind French Trackings are not always in REAL TIME & may take a few days to show on the system -